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Our fundraising projects

Listed below are all the projects that the PTFA is supporting the school with, all projects are agreed through certain criteria to make sure one or all will make a difference to all children who attend AGVS. Some of the projects are big and will need some serious fundraising, so if you are in a position to donate a substantial amount we would be very grateful. If you wish to donate through a company then please contact us directly as we can discuss promotion and marketing opportunities.

Agility trails & play equipment

The school are keen to complete and improve the trail that runs around the field by adding trail and play equipment. This would require appropriate groundworks and long lasting equipment from a specialist provider. 

Through the various events, your generous donations and support over the last 12 months the PTFA is able to fund £7,000 towards this project. Ideally to get the best equipment we need to raise £15,000 which would complete this project. If you are able to donate money towards this much needed equipment please click on the picture below

All play 3 low level.jpg

Ongoing needs

Along with larger projects for the school we also support the smaller events: and day to day needs:

Easter egg hunt

Mothers day

PA System

Data loggers

Sponsor an animal


Christmas activities

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